Joey Wheeler Anime Card Set
Red-Eyes B. Dragon Anime Card Real Life
Jinzo Anime Card Real Life
Time Wizard Anime Card Real Life
Thousand Dragon Anime Card Real Life
Baby Dragon Anime Card Reallife
Alligator's Sword Anime Card Reallife
Panther Warrior Anime Card Reallife
Gearfried the Iron Knight Anime Card Real Life
Flame Swordsman Anime Card Real Life
Joey Anime Spell Cards Reallife
Anime Card Back

Orica Anime Card Set: Joey Wheeler

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✓ Oricashop Anime Cards: Front- & Backside just like in the Anime!

✓ Same Size as original Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG-Cards


Cards in this Set:

- 1x Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Anime Version)

- 1x Time Wizard (Anime Version)

- 1x Thousand Dragon (Anime Version)

- 1x Baby Dragon (Anime Version)

- 1x Jinzo (Anime Version)

- 1x Alligator's Sword (Anime Version)

- 1x Panther Warrior (Anime Version)

- 1x Gearfried the Iron Knight (Anime Version)

- 1x Flame Swordsman (Anime Version)

- 1x Scapegoat (Anime Version)

- 1x Graceful Dice (Anime Version)

- 1x Skull Dice (Anime Version)


! These cards are not eligible for tournament play since they are Anime Card Versions of existing cards !