Holo Card Submission


49,97 € 




Go directly to the Card Creator

Step 1: Fill in all the Information and your Artwork of Choice

Step 2: Click the "Generate" Button, then right-click on the Card and choose "Save as..."

Step 3: Send the image file to support@oricashop.com along with your order number or full name

Step 4: Also include your Artwork and your full Effect-Text so we can copy & paste it later without errors

That's it!

! Note that this image is only used for reference and does not reflect the final product. We create all card submissions from scratch.

! If you want a special design that is not supported by the card creator above: Just send us a message through our live chat and we will see whats possible!


Make your very own Yugioh Card!



  • Complex, non-even Holo Effect

  • Choice between TCG, Anime-Style or Full-Art Card

  • QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: 30% Discount on the whole order if you get 2 or more cards


Production time: Normally 1-2 Months (For precise information you can always ask our support team directly)