XYZ Machines Anime Card Set
XYZ-Dragon Cannon Anime Card Real Life
XYZ-Dragon Cannon Anime Card
XY-Dragon Cannon Anime Card Real Life
XY-Dragon Cannon Anime Card
X-Head Cannon Anime Card Real Life
X-Head Cannon Anime Card
Y-Dragon Head Anime Card Real Life
Y-Dragon Head Anime Card
Z-Metal Tank Anime Card Real Life
Z-Metal Tank Anime Card
Anime Card Back

Anime Card Set: Kaiba's XYZ-Machines

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✓ Oricashop Anime Cards: Front- & Backside just like in the Anime!

✓ Same Size as original Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG-Cards


Cards in this Set:

- 1x X-Head Cannon (Anime Version)

- 1x Y-Dragon Head (Anime Version)

- 1x Z-Metal Tank (Anime Version)

- 1x XY-Dragon Cannon (Anime Version)

- 1x XYZ-Dragon Cannon (Anime Version)


! These cards are not eligible for tournament play since they are Anime Card Versions of existing cards !