[Restock] Anime Deck: Yami Yugi (Battle City Arc)


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Orica CardsNot tournament legal (only used for casual play)

Restock available some time between 21.11.20 - 10.12.07

Cards in this Deck:

Monster Cards:

    Slifer the Sky Dragon [Holo]
    Dark Magician [Holo]
    Summoned Skull
    Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
    2x Giant Soldier of Stone
    2x Alpha The Magnet Warrior
    2x Beta The Magnet Warrior
    2x Gamma The Magnet Warrior
    Jack's Knight
    Queen's Knight

    King's Knight
    Dark Magician Girl [Holo]
    Valkyrion the Magna Warrior [Holo]
    Kuriboh [Holo]
    Buster Blader
    Cyber Jar
    Electromagnetic Turtle
    Big Shield Gardna
    Beast of Gilfer
    Obnoxious Celtic Guardian

    Dark Paladin [Holo]
    Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast

Spell Cards:

    2x Polymerization
    Graceful Charity
    Fiend's Sanctuary
    Soul Taker
    Double Spell
    Diffusion Wave-Motion
    Change of Heart
    Card of Sanctity
    Card Destruction
    Brain Control
    Swords of Revealing Light
    Premature Burial
    Pot of Greed
    Monster Reborn
    Mystic Box
    Magical Dimension
    Magic Formula
    Lightforce Sword

Trap Cards:

    Mirror Force
    Dust Tornado
    Chain Destruction
    Time Seal
    The Regulation of Tribe
    Spellbinding Circle
    Magical Hats
    Soul Rope
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Magic Jammer
    Magic Cylinder
    Mystical Refpanel