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Spice up your game like never before!

Ever wondered how lewd the Dark Magician Girls could get?

So, what are you waiting for:

Get 1x "Dark Magician Girl"

AND 1x "Magi Magi Magician Gal"  XXX-Art Cards by Oricashop 

as a gift directly shipped to you!


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Orica Cards (made by Oricashop) are perfect for...

➤ ...putting the crown on top of your card collection with our high quality custom prints, both proxy and orica.

➤ ...getting some truly unique cards which are a guaranteed eye-catcher to any player.

➤ ...testing out new strategies with our Proxy cards (without being forced to buy high-priced cards).

➤ your deck a fresh breath of life.

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This XXX-card

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Are there any hidden costs in this offer?

No, you are only paying our shipping & processing fee of 2,40€ (1,90€ for orders inside Germany). 

We also offer many more Orica cards & Yu-Gi-Oh! products for you to enjoy if you feel like stepping up your game!

Can I play this card in my deck without any trouble?

Our Orica cards have the perfect size for all your Yugioh-Sized sleeves.

Note: These cards are generally not tournament legal, except Tokens & Field Centers.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping usually takes between 2-14 working days depending on your country and location (1-2 working days for orders inside Germany).

Your letter is sent directly from Germany to your doorstep.

Every order is getting prepared and shipped the day after ordering or on the same day if you order before ~1PM UTC time.

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