BRAND NEW: The Oricashop Mystery Box

👉 Not your Standard Mystery Box: The perfect Halloween Gift for Diehard Yugioh Fans!

Note: Due to shipping restrictions we are only able to ship this item to EU countries only at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience!


 💰 Separate product value of over 100€

 🎁 The perfect Yu-Gi-Oh-Gift for self and others

 ⏰ Only available for a limited time & only as long as supplies last

Starting with items that you will get in every Mystery Box (100% percentage):

- 1x Random Sealed Konami Product from 2021 with a value of 20-25€

(Note: You will automatically ship out an English Version for you if your country of origin is outside Germany)

- 6x Orica Cards that look very spooky

- 3x Random Booster Packs from the newest 2021 Sets

- 5x Random Korean Booster Packs (Random selection between LOB, MRD, SRL, IOC, MFC, CRV, EEN, TLM, LODT, PTDN)

- 3x DIN A2 Posters

- 1x Pack with 60 Sleeves of our very own Holo Sleeves

- 1x Yugioh-themed Pendant

You will get 1 of these 3 items (33% percentage):

- 1x Random Playmat with one of our Designs

- 1x Limited Edition Accessory

- 1x Pack of Oricashop Toploader