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The ultimate test of luck for every Yu-Gi-Oh! fan:

Mystery Box

(Christmas EDITION)

Santa showed us some of your friends wishlists, so we created a Mystery Box which will satisfy all of them to the fullest... 

Pay less, Purchase more!

  • Buy Smart

    You will save up to 150% if you would have bought separately.

  • A Yugioh Fans' Dream

    The perfect Yu-Gi-Oh-Themed gift for self and others with a christmassy touch.

  • Not your Typical Mystery Box

    Customer satisfaction is a priority, not a clearance sale. 

  • Limited Time Offer

    This Christmas Edition will only be available until the end of Christmas & only as long as supplies last.

Delivery before Christmas guaranteed if you order before:


Pick Your Size Here:




💎 100% Guarantee of receiving a Sealed Konami Product!

💎 Store worth arround ~ 150€

💎 100% Money back guarantee if your item arrives somehow damaged or broken

💎 100% Focus on Customer satisafction 




💎 100% Guarantee of receiving a Sealed Dispaly!

💎 Store worth arround ~ 300€

💎 100% Money back guarantee if your item arrives somehow damaged or broken

💎 100% Focus on Customer satisafction 

What could be inside, you ask?

Orica Cards

Our coolest & coldest Oricas matching this year's Christmas Theme!


Highest protection for your cards (made by Oricashop)!

Trading Card Stands

The perfect items to show off your brand new Orica Cards!

Oricashop (Holo) Sleeves

These Yugioh-Themed Holo sleeves will certainly give your Deck a brand new feel!

Limited Accessoires

Your Grandchildren are going to be so grateful (if you're lucky)!

Oldschool Korean Boosters

The real Legends: LOB, MRD, SRL, MFC, CRV, EEN & more...

Brand New Booster Packs

Mystery inside Mystery! Try your luck and pull something crazy!

Yugioh-Themed Pendants

Extend your collection not only by cards but by Millennium Items!

Original Cards

Of course these are a must-have in our Christmas Mystery Boxes!

Up to 7 different Dices 

The real Legends: LOB, MRD, SRL, MFC, CRV, EEN & more...

Santas Original Hat

Perfect for those cold days
and even better for the best Christmas feeling!

Dragon Shield Sleeves

No more to say, you already know these ones! Simply one the bests.

Sealed Konami Products

Depending on the Mystery Box type you can expect some dope fan-favorite accessory

or even a sealed display!

1 of 4 Anime Decks

With a little more luck, you might find a battle-ready Anime-Themed Deck in your box as well...

(Base Price: 49,97€)

Oricashop Playmats

Be lucky and receive a fully fledged Oricashop Playmat! Comes with stitched borders and a bag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I expect from this Mystery Box?

This Special Mystery Box is made to offer you an opportunity to almost double the worth of your money!

That means a lot of different products from various categories: (Cards, Accessories, Sleeves, Konami Products and much more..!)

Does every Mystery Box contain the same products?

No, no and no! Our Mystery Box has many variations and is a mix of various different stuff, surprise always guaranteed!

How long until my package arrives?

Shipping takes between 1 and 3 business days (inside Germany). The delivery times for shipping abroad can be found on our shipping information page.

We normally ship orders before 12-2pm (CEST timezone) on the same day.

What can I do if I have a specific problem with my order or I want to ask a question?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via support@oricashop.com or just use our Live Chat on the bottom left corner!

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