20x-Set: Toon Complete Collection + Toon Kingdom


65,07 € 

Orica CardsNot tournament legal (only used for casual play)

- Save over 30% with this Toon Complete Collection!

- All with their unique Holo Effects

- Exceptional Toon-like Effects to make an unbeatable Toon Deck!

- All our Cards fit perfectly in all Yugioh-Sized Sleeves

Card(s) in this Listing:
- Toon Slifer the Sky Dragon [ORIC-029] (Holo)
- Toon Obelisk the Tormentor [ORIC-030] (Holo)
- Toon Winged Dragon of Ra [ORIC-031] (Holo)
- The Legendary Toon Exodia [ORIC-032] (Holo)
- Toon Dark Magician [ORIC-033] (Holo)
- Dark Magician Toon Girl [ORIC-034] (Holo)
- Toon Dark Magician of Chaos [ORIC-035] (Holo)
- Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon [ORIC-036] (Holo)
- Toon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon [ORIC-037] (Holo)
- Red-Eyes Toon Dragon [ORIC-038] (Holo)
- Toon Relinquished [ORIC-039] (Holo)
- Toon Harpie Sisters [ORIC-040] (Holo)
- Uria, Toon Lord of Searing Flames [ORIC-041] (Holo)
- Raviel, Toon Lord of Phantasms [ORIC-042] (Holo)
- Hamon, Toon Lord of Striking Thunder [ORIC-043] (Holo)
- Armityle the Toon Phantom [ORIC-044] (Holo)
- Toon Yubel [ORIC-045] (Holo)
- Toon Black Rose Dragon [ORIC-046] (Holo)
- Tour Guide From the Toon World [ORIC-047] (Holo)
- Toon Black Luster Soldier [ORIC-048] (Holo)
- Toon Kingdom [ORIC-049] (Holo)